We were founded in 1878 by Joseph Mayer.

One of the Trust’s objectives, which we continue to meet today, was to provide an annual series of lectures to be presented here in Bebington, free-of-charge, during the winter months of October to March each year.

Our aim is to provide a varied programme of illustrated lectures, for you the public, and we carefully choose our speakers who are specialists or enthusiasts in their field.

As a registered charity, we are managed by our Board of Trustees which, in turn, is governed by the Trust’s charitable constitution as approved by the Charity Commission. This states that we are not allowed to present any lectures on political or religious themes.

However we do enjoy the presentation of many interesting topics: from local history to natural history; from archaeology to genealogy, and many more besides.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next illustrated lecture which we feel sure will be most enjoyable.

Registered charity no: 213700