Wednesday 19th October 2022

Havana to Galapagos

The lecture will take you cruising the Western Caribbean Sea, from Havana to the Panamá Canal. 

Ports of call: Progreso (México), Belize City (Belize), Puerto Cortes (Honduras), Puerto Limón (Costa Rica), San Blas Islands (Panamá), then transit of the famous Panamá Canal. 

We will then go sailing the Gulf of Panama and Pacific Ocean to Manta (Ecuador), continuing to San Cristóbal (Galápagos).


Captain Derrick Kemp

Derrick’s career commenced in 1957, when he joined the South Africa Training Ship “General Botha” in Cape Town. He gained promotion to Master at the young age of thirty-three and subsequently commanded many cruise ships. These included mv “Ocean Pearl”, mv “Caledonian Star”, and mv “Discovery”, to name just a few.

Having commanded passenger ships sailing the Seven Seas for 26 years, Derrick retired in 2011 and took up lecturing, both ashore and onboard cruise ships.

Wednesday 16th November 2022

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Have you ever spotted the Commonwealth War Graves sign outside your local cemetery? 

The lecture will go on to help you understand why the CWGC was set up, and how it continues to honour and care for the men and women of the Commonwealth who died in the two World Wars.


Brenda Brewer

Having worked as a teacher in local secondary schools for over 20 years, Brenda has now escaped! She now has time to volunteer as a speaker for the Commonwealth War Graves Foundation.

Wednesday 7th December 2022

Forgotten Liverpool

The lecture will look at the history of Liverpool in relation to its many fascinating buildings and structures and the people associated with them. Some of these buildings are long gone, others remain to remind us of our historic roots. Our built heritage reflects Liverpool’s role as one of the world’s great commercial, trading and cultural hubs.


Stephen Guy

A freelance journalist and broadcaster, Stephen was a news reporter for 30 years, first with the Liverpool Echo group and then with the Press Association and Reuters based in Fleet Street and Manchester. He covered countless major news stories ranging from the Lockerbie Disaster to the trial of comedian Ken Dodd. Stephen is currently chairman of the West Derby Society and West Derby Community Association Ltd based at the Lowlands in West Derby Village.

Wednesday 18th January 2023 

Women at War

The lecture will look at the many roles of women during the Great War, including their occupations, recruitment, spies and even fighting on the front line.


Judith Beastall

Judith is Deputy Chair of the Merseyside Branch of the Western Front Association. She is also a co-partner in Military and Family Genealogy, compiling military biographies specialising in the Great War and also covering the period from mid-19th century to World War 2.

Wednesday 15th February 2023 

Ulysses Simpson Grant

The lecture will cover the life of Grant, from his early lack of success to his triumphs as Commander of the Union Army in the American Civil War. It will then go on to look at his term as President when he was beset by difficulties. 


Michael Murphy

Michael was born in Birkenhead and is a history graduate of Manchester University. A retired Head of History at Upton Hall Convent School, Michael was also an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Liverpool.

Wednesday 15th March 2023

Wirral and the Age of Queen Victoria (1819-1901)

The lecture will trace the changing face of Wirral during the 19th century, setting this against the life of Queen Victoria. Born when the peninsula was almost wholly rural and only Neston numbered more than a thousand inhabitants, the Queen’s life saw much of Wirral transformed out of all recognition by the influx of people from Wales, Ireland and Cheshire, and the growth of commerce, industry and commuting.


Elizabeth Davey 

A retired teacher and lecturer, Elizabeth is a local historian with a long-standing interest in Wirral. The author of Birkenhead: A History, she has published numerous articles, recently paying particular attention to the development of parks.